Happy birthday Giles Barnes!!!

Happy 27th birthday to my dude Giles Barnes, who if you don’t know is a Jamaican/English Forward for the MLS club Houston Dynamo. Barnes is easily hands down my favorite MLS soccer player, not only due to his skill set but his personality as well.

If you’ve never met Giles, you’re missing out. He is one of the coolest athletes I’ve ever met and not only can his public appearances with the Dynamo vouch for that, but as well as his social media game as he is always interacting with fans on Twitter and occasionally on Snapchat when he takes over the Dynamo and/or MLS handles.

The best part about Giles thought is his accent!!!!! He has definitely the best accent I have ever heard from not only an international born athlete but out of anyone I’ve ever met that was born oversees.

If you have never heard him talk and heard his accent, experienced his personality or missed his interview on SportsRadio610, I highly recommend clicking the link below:

Barnes: “I Love Playing In Houston, It’s Incredible” « CBS Houston.

Here are some of his highlights from this season as well as last:

Oh and Giles also has incredible fashion “swag”. Take a look for yourself:

Well Giles, I hope you had a fantastic day celebrating your birthday and keep doing you my man!




Happy birthday Allen Iverson

Happy 40th birthday to one of my all time favorite basketball players Allen Iverson.

Almost everyday this summer I’ve been watching his highlights and just missing the dude play in the NBA. Iverson had the best and sickest handles ever in my opinion and had the most heart and passion out of anyone to ever play in the league.

It sucks Iverson never won a championship even though he deserved one. Iverson gave us one of the most memorable press conferences in NBA history with his “practice rant”, he also underwent a sad and disheartening trial and spent time in prison for something he did not do, and Iverson went bankrupt after he retired from basketball, but life and sports are a tough battle. Hope he gets into the Hall of Fame one day because he absolutely deserves to be there.

Lets dedicate this day to Allen Iverson on his 40th birthday.