Campus Recreation to host Pro Football Pick’em

Do you think you know the NFL? Are you one of those fans who can predict the outcome of a game before it kicks off?

Well here’s your chance to prove your knowledge! University of Houston Clear-Lake’s Campus Recreation is giving you a chance to predict the winner of each game per week for a chance to win a prize for that week.

The game is called UHCL’s Pro Pick’em, and just like any pro pick’em game you’ve played before, the rules are pretty simple:

  1. The object of UHCL’s Pro Pick’em is to accumulate as many points as possible by correctly picking the winning team in each of the games played each week during the 2015 NFL Season.
  2. Each time you correctly pick the winning team in a game played during the 2015 season, you will receive one point in the standings for this event. Please note that no points are awarded for games that end in ties. The points earned by each participant will be tallied, and the participant who finishes with the highest point total in the standings among all participants will win the “Weekly Prize” for that week.  These weekly totals also add towards your final total for the “Grand Prize”, which is the overall point’s leader at the end of the regular season.
  3. The deadline for submitting picks during each week of the 2015 season will be every Thursday by 5 p.m. All picks for a given week must be submitted before that deadline to be considered in connection with the congruent week.

So now you’re probably wondering okay how do I get started, how do I participate and where do I get the form to make my picks?

How to play:

  1. You MUST be a UHCL student or a faculty/staff to be able to participate
  2. Pick up your UHCL Pro Pick’em sheet from either the Fitness Room, located in SSCB #2.103, or the Student Life Office, located in SSCB 1.204. You can also print out the form from the weekly email that will be sent out.
  3. Follow the directions on the top of the form to correctly fill it out.
  4. Once your form is completed, you may turn it back in in either the Fitness Room, Student Life Office, or electronically to by 5 p.m. every Thursday.

Pretty simple right? For more information you can contact Campus Recreation by either emailing Campus Recreation at or by visiting Campus Recreation online.



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